Importance of Nutrition for Cancer Patients

Proper nutrition is essential to maintaining good physical and mental health.

At Hematology and Oncology Consultants of PA, we counsel cancer patients on healthy eating as part of our emphasis on caring for the whole person, not just treating cancer.

A balanced and nutritious diet feeds your body with what it needs to stay strong and maintain a healthy body weight. It also can provide you with nourishment your body needs to heal.

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Doctor Al Leal


'You Can Call Me Al'

Upbeat, personable, down-to-earth – someone who greets you with a hug and makes you laugh.

That’s how patients describe Dr. Al Leal, who started Hematology and Oncology Consultants of Pennsylvania as a solo practitioner in 2004.

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Doctor Reninger With Patient


Is it OK to Seek a Second Opinion? Yes.

Many people who are diagnosed with cancer proceed right to treatment without seeking a second opinion. Sometimes it is because they are afraid they will offend their doctor. Sometimes it is because they are concerned about waiting to start a treatment program.

Is it OK to seek a second opinion? It is. In fact, doctors commonly expect patients to want a second opinion. For certain conditions, some insurance companies may require it.

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Cancer Treatment Side Effects


Cancer is scary – and sometimes the potential side effects of treatment can be frightening as well. However, there are many ways to prevent and manage the common side effects of cancer treatment. At Hematology and Oncology Consultants of PA, we believe strongly that the focus should be on prevention.  Our goal is to ensure that treatment is well tolerated. 

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